Mike is featured in the award-winning BBC short film called THE FISHMAN, part of the landmark series YELLOWSTONE. The Fishman was produced by Metamorph Films for the BBC. Mike was the Sound Recordist for YELLOWSTONE and won an Emmy nomination for his work.

Synopsis: Quirky sound recordist and Montana local Mike Kasic is obsessed with the underwater wilderness of the Yellowstone River. In this short film, Kasic tells the tale of the river with the help of his wetsuit and fins, swimming the Yellowstone like a human fish through swift-river canyons and scenic mountain views, and watching trout in fast, frothing currents. To Kasic, the Yellowstone River represents the West as it’s meant to be—wild, fast and free flowing. For him, trout are the soul of the river. His message is simple: what lies beneath the river is a wilderness that is often overlooked. Playful yet elegiac, Fishman neatly captures the vital and tenuous connection between man and nature.

10 minutes.

Producer & Camerawoman: Kathy Kasic

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