BBC Natural History Unit

"Blue Planet II" David Attenborough
Florida, 2017

Adrian Brinkerhoff

Poetry Films
September 2017

ZDF German Television Aspekte

"Tippet Rise"
Montana / August 2017

National Political Ads


Volkswagen National Commercial, Discovery Studios

for Shark Week
Bimini / March 2017



ICON Films

Shark Week "Great Hammerhead Invasion"
Bimini / February 2017

BBC Natural History Unit / Alucia Productions

"Blue Planet II"
Antarctica, December 2016 - January 2017

BBC Scotland Children's

"My Pet and Me" 5 episodes
Galapagos / November 2016

BBC NHU & PBS Nature

"The Great Yellowstone Thaw"
Yellowstone National Park / February - August 2016

Discovery Channel

Shark Week "The Sharks Among Us"
California, Guadalupe Island & Bahamas, 2016

Farm League

YETI Commercial
Montana, June 2016

Oh for Show

YETI Commercial
Montana, June 2016

Rick Smith Media

Yellowstone / 2016

State Political Campaigns


National Political Campaigns


BBC / Renegade Pictures

"Tony Robinson's Wild West in 3D"
Cody, Wyoming / September 2015

Jansen Pharmaceutical

National Commercial
Polson, Montana / September 2015

Smithsonian Channel / Living Oceans Foundation

"An Ocean Mystery: The Missing Catch"
Newfoundland & Bahamas & Senegal / August 2015

Discovery Channel / Radley Studios

"Shark Week: Oceanic White Tip Sharks"
Cat Island, Bahamas & Hawaii / June 2015

Saucony Shoes / Influence

National Commercial
Montana / May 2015

National Geographic / Halfyard Productions

Anaconda, Montana / December 2014

Harvard University / Racing Horse Productions

"Milk" documentary
Montana / May 2015

CNBC Prime / Bill Kurtis Productions

"American Greed"
Montana / December 2014

University of Wisconsin

"Paul Robbins"
Montana / November 2014

Cargill / Rick Smith Media

Montana / November 2014

Grizzly Creek Films

"Rewind to Fast-Forward" Documentary
Pennsylvania / September 2014

Subaru / Michael Paul Jones

"Mike Kasic's Montana" Commercial
Montana / August 2014


"Human Universe"
Underwater Habitat, Florida / August 2014

Alucia Productions

"Raja Ampat" Mantas and jellyfish lakes
Indonesia, Palau, Raja Ampat / June-July 2014

FP1 Strategies

National Political Campaign
Montana / May 2014

Film Lites

"American Federal" Commercial
Montana / May 2014

Film Lites

"Land Conservation Trust" Commercial
Montana / May 2014

Grizzly Creek Films

National Political Campaign
Montana / April 2014

FP1 Strategies

National Political Campaign
Montana / January 2014

Discovery Channel Shark Week / Icon Films

"Spawn 2" with Paul Walker
Los Angeles, CA / November 2013

FP1 Strategies

National Political Campaign
Montana / November 2013

BBC Scotland

"Nina and the Neurons"
Yellowstone / August 2013

Farm League / Toyota

Toyota Forerunner 2015, Commercial
Wyoming & Idaho / August 2013
Producer: Chris Malloy

Film Lites

Governor's "Main Street"
Helena, MT / June 2013
Producers: J.P. Gabriel

Redrum / Discovery Channel

"Gold Fever"
Various Locations in Montana / April 2013
Producers: Keith Palmer

Passion Pictures / PBS & National Geographic

"Earth in the Age of Man"
Great Bear Rainforest, BC, Canada / March-April 2013
Producers: Matt Dyas

Discovery Channel / Silverback Productions

Fakarava, Polynesia / February-March 2013
Producers: Keith Scholey

BBC Worldwide

"The Power of Nature"
Missoula, Montana / January 2013
Producers: Victoria Webb


"Deadly 60: Pole to Pole"
Yellowstone / January 2013
Producers: Rowan Musgrave

Half Yard Productions / National Geographic Channel

Anaconda, Montana / February 2013
Producers: Tai Davis

Icon Films / Discovery Channel

"Spawn of Jaws"
Guadalupe Island, Mexico / November-December 2012
Producers: Lucy Meadows

Loki Films / CNN

Butte, Montana / October 2012
Producers: Rachel Grady

Film Lites

American Federal Commercial
Bozeman, Montana / October 2012
Producers: J.P. Gabriel

President's Committee on the Arts and Humanities

Turnaround Arts and the Silk Road Ensemble in Lame Deer
Lame Deer, Montana / October 2012
Producers: Rachel Goslins

National Geographic Television

"Deadly 50"
Bozeman / September 2012
Producers: Jennifer Shoemaker

National Geographic Society

"American Prairie"
Bozeman / September 2012
Producers: Meigan Goodyer-Henry

House of Usher / Ram Trucks

"Jealous Dog" - National Commericial
Paradise Valley / August 2012
Producers: Kinka Usher

Political Ads for National Canditates for Governor and Senate

Producers: Various

Grizzly Creek / National Geographic Channel

"Monster Wolf"
Yellowstone / August 2012
Producers: David Hamlin

Humble Bee Films / BBC NHU

Alaska Aleutian Islands / July 2012
Producers: Duncan Chard


"A Tale of Three Bears"
Ely, Minnesota / May 2012
Producers: Ted Oakes

Kinect - National Geographic TV

Microsoft Game Studios
Yellowstone / April 2012
Producers: Tom Winston

BBC Natural History Unit: Planet Earth Live

Wildlife across the world, for BBC 1
Various locations, March-May 2012
OB Producers: Stuart Derrick / Chris Howard

BBC Natural History Unit: The Dark

Series: Three one-hour programs on wildlife at night
Strait of Magellan, Chile, January 2012
Series Producer: Jonny Keeling

BBC Natural History Unit: Expedition Wolf

Series: Three one-hour programs on wolves in North America
Various locations, May 2011 - November 2011
Series Producer: Jonny Keeling

Woodshed Films for Patagonia: Come High or Hell Water

A film about kicking your feet and taking a breath
Various locations, July 2011
Series Producer: Keith Malloy

BBC Science: How the Earth Made Us

The story of our earth
Various locations
Producer: Matt Dyas

Racing Horse Productions for HBO: Code of the West

Medicine in Montana
Various locations, August 2010-May 2011 / 2012
Producer: Rebecca Cohen

Darlowsmithson for Discovery Channel: I Shouldn't Be Alive

Bozeman November 2010
Producer: Kelda Deike

BBC Natural History Unit: Ocean Giants

Series: Three one-hour programs on whales and dolphins of the world
Various locations, February 2010 - September 2010
Series Producer: Mark Brownlow

Darlow Smithson Productions for Animal Planet: Extreme Infestations - Snakes

Snakes infest a house
Idaho, July 2010
Producer: Sid Bennett

VSA Partners: Reagan

Tom Brokaw discusses Ronald Reagan
Montana, August 2010
Producer: Greg Sylvester

Bellevue Entertainment for PBS: Winter in the National Parks

Yellowstone National Park, January 2010
Producer: Miriam Sheldon

Nutopia Ltd for History Channel: America: The History of Us

Bear Attacks, Native Americans, Bison
Montana / South Dakota, October 2009
Producer: Jane Root

Grizzly Creek Films for National Geographic Channel: Expedition Kodiak

Bear goes swimming in city pool
Montana, September 2009
Producer: Tom Winston

Oxford Scientific Films for Animal Planet: Fatal Attractions

Mean Chimpanzees
Montana, August 2009
Producer: Bob Bentley

Metamorph Films: Water Partners

Trout Unlimited Montana, May 2009
Producer: Kathy Kasic

Waitt Institute: The Search for Amelia Earhart

Sixty days at sea with high-tech submersibles searching Amelia Earhart's plane
February-April 2009
Producer: Liz Smith

Swell Pictures Inc: Saving the Elephants

Elephants in Thailand
Thailand, November 2008
Producer: Peck Euwer

Veriscope Pictures for National Geographic: Dinosaurs Decoded

Jack Horner digs up dino bones
September 2008
Producer: Dan Levitt

Sea Studios for National Geographic: Virus

Yellowstone National Park, September 2008
Producer: David Elisco

Grizzly Creek Films for National Geographic Channel: Expedition Grizzly

More bears
Montana, August 2008
Producer: Tom Winston

Pioneer Productions for Discovery Channel: Inside Planet Earth

Geology of the Inner Earth
Wyoming / Yellowstone, August 2008
Producer: Martin Williams

Lightworks Producing Group: Apocalypse How

Yellowstone volcano goes boom
Yellowstone National Park, July 2008
Producer: Jes Lyne deVer

BBC Science/Discovery: Oceans

Series: Eight one hour programs on the oceans with four presenters:
Philippe Cousteau, Paul Rose, Tooni Mahto, and Dr. Lucy Blue
Mediterrean Sea, Sea of Cortez, Arctic Ocean, Altantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Southern Ocean, Red Sea
July 2007-July 2008
Series Producer: Helen Thomas

BBC NHU / Metamorph Films: Yellowstone People: The Fishman

Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout
Montana, August 2008
Producer: Kathy Kasic


The Wolf That Changed America
Yellowstone National Park, October 2007
Producer: Brian Leith

BBC NHU / Discovery: Yellowstone Battle for Life

Three one hour programs on the natural history of yellowstone
Yellowstone National Park, 2007-2008
Series Producer: Andrew Murray

Optomen Productions: Most Evil

Serial Killer
Montana, July 2007

BBC NHU / Discovery: Pacific Abyss

3000 miles of Micronesia underwater.
Micronesia, March-April 2007
Director/Producer: Dale Templar

Darlow Smithson Productions: True Heroes

Bear Attacks
Montana, February 2007
Director: Richard Max

Optomen Productions: Kicking the Habit

Discovery Program with host Tom Friedman. Governor of Montana discusses coal.
Billings, Montana, January 2007
Producer: David Hickman

BBC NHU: Sea Gypsies

Diving with Bajo People of Indonesia
near Sulawesi, Indonesia, December 2006
Producer: Simon Nash

Creative Difference Productions: Best Evidence

Discovery Program on UFOs and mutilated cows in northern Montana
Conrad, Montana, November 2006
Producer: Michael Sheehan

Creative Difference Productions: Supersize

Discovery Program, fossil story: Giant short-faced bear falls in hot spring with mammoths
Rapid City, South Dakota, November 2006
Producer: John Joseph

Tigress Productions: Wild Adventures

For National Geographic Television: more grizzly bears
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, August 2006
Producer: Duncan Chard

Aqua Vita: Living with Wolves

For National Geographic Television: Man lives with wolves
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, August 2006
Producer: Bernard Walton

Tigress Productions: Caught in the Moment

Presenters Tristin Bayer and Vanessa Garnick cowboy it up
Dubois, Wyoming, August 2006
Producer: Kath Moore

BBC Wild: Diving with Dolphins

Presenter Tanya Streeter dives with dolphins
Bahamas, June 2006
Producer: Simon Nash

Tigress Productions: Caught in the Moment

Presenters Tristin Bayer and Vanessa Garnick at Monterey Bay
Monterey Bay, California, May 2006
Producer: Gillian Burke

High Noon Entertainment: Off Beat America

For HG TV: Weird houses
Paradise Valley and Big Sky, Montana, April 2006
Producer: Tyler Young

BBC Wild: Shark Therapy

Presenter Tanya Streeter with sharks
Bahamas, March 2006
Producer: Simon Nash

Creative Difference Productions: Mega Disasters: Volcanos

Discovery Program on the world's largest volcano
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, March 2006
Producer: Bob Wise

Department of Moving Pictures: Time for a New Audience

Bozeman, Montana, March 2006
Producer: Caitlin Pashalek

Metamorph Films: Too Saxy

Commercial for CBS affiliate
Bozeman, Montana, February 2006
Producer: Kathryn Boul

Swell Pictures: The Craving

Obsessed surfers and big waves
California, January 2006
Producer: Peck Euwer

BBC WILD: Wild Maldives

Whale sharks, manta rays, coral reefs, and microlite aircraft
Republic of Maldives, December 2005
Producer: James Honeybourne

Tigress Productions: Jeff Corwin’s Conservation Nation

Presenter Jeff Corwin meets bears, rattlesnakes, eagles and a fox
Montana, August to September 2005
Producer: Clare Dornan

The DMP: Milepost 314

The science of roadkill
Bozeman, Montana September 2005
Producer: Anne Devereux

BBC NHU: Mother of All Sharks

Discovery Shark Week program
Mexico, UK, South Africa, April to September 2005
Producer: Lizzie Bewick

BBC NHU: Diving With Whales

Presenter Tanya Streeter dives with humpback whales; 2 x 30 min.
Silver Bank, Caribbean, March to April 2005
Producer: James Honeybourne
Nominated for BAFTA Award (British Academy Award)

Kavitch-Reynolds Productions: Yamaha 2006

Loud snowmobiles (commercial)
Cooke City, Montana, December 2005
Producer: Rob Meltzer

Discovery Channel / Creative Differences: Extreme Survival

Plane crash survivor story
Sierra Nevada, California, November 2004
Producer: Bob Wise

BBC NHU: Amazon Abyss

Amazon river above and below, 5 X 30 minutes
Brazil, October to November 2004
Producer: Andy Byatt

Cineville: Steal Me

Sundance official selection feature film
Montana, July to August 2004
Director: Melissa Painter

BBC ARTS: Imagine: Children’s Literature

Child Sci-Fi author
Pray, Montana, May 2004
Producer: Ben McPherson

Discovery Channel: Shark Week: Size Matters

Sharks and more sharks
Australia and Tahiti, April 2004
Producer: Andy Byatt

Swell Pictures: The Big Swell

The science and sound of giant surf
Various locations: 2004
Producer: Peck Euwer

BBC NHU: Journey of Life

Evolution with presenter Steve Leonard
Cayman and Bahamas, December 2003
Producer: James Honeyborne

Discovery Channel: Shark Week:Dive to Shark Volcano

And…more sharks
Cocos Island, Costa Rica, June 2003
Producer: Simon Nash

BBCI: The Abyss

Monterey, California, October 2003
Producer: Melanie Jappy

BBC NHU: Return to the Abyss (Live)

Sound from the Abyss / MIR submersible at 8500 feet
9 degrees North, Pacific Ocean
July, September 2003
Producer: Simon Nash

BBC Science: Into The Blue

The Bermuda Triangle explained
Bahamas and Florida, May, July 2003
Producer: Will Aslet

Flashback TV: Super Homes

Extravagant Western Mountain Homes
Jackson Hole Wyoming, May 2003
Producer: Sarah Feltes

Firelight Films: The Last Stronghold, Miles City Bucking Horse Sale

Rodeo bucking horses, sore cowboys
Miles City, Montana, May 2003
Producer: Ian Kellet

BBC: The Abyss Live

Sound from 8000 feet deep.
Mid-Atlantic ridge, June to October 2002
Producer: Simon Nash

BBC NHU: Extreme Animals: Cold

Presenter speaking underwater using unique helmet
Vancouver Island, Canada, January 2002
Producer: Martin Hughes-Games

BBC NHU: The Natural World: Whooping Cranes

Sound from an ultralite aircraft: Whooping Crane reintroduction
Various locations, October to December 2001
Producer: Jo Sarsby

WNET Nature / Thirteen: The Octopus Show

Presenter Mike deGruy in a submersible
Canada, Hawaii, Australia, and Indonesia.
Producers: Peck Euwer / Mike deGruy

BBC NHU: Extreme Animals: Low Life

More underwater pieces to camera / Presenter: Steve Leonard
Sea of Cortez, September 2001
Producer: Jo Sarsby

BBC NHU: The Mammals

David Attenborough with blue whales
Farallon Islands, California, October 2000
Producer: Neil Lucas

Intrepid Films: Whale Songs

Killer whales strand feeding
Patagonia, Argentina March/April 2001
Producer: Tony Miller

BBC NHU: The Blue Planet: Making Waves

The making of The Blue Planet
Location: Various, October 2000
Producer: John Ruthven

National Geographic Television: The Running of the Sheep

Explorer News Piece
Reedpoint, Montana September 2001
Producer: Cara Biega

BBC NHU: The Blue Planet: The Deep

A one-hour program on the abyss
Gulf of Mexico, 3000 feet underwater. September 2000
Producer: Alistair Fothergill

National Geographic Television: Tempest from the Deep

The effect of el Niño on the Channel Islands
Nominated for an Emmy award.
The Channel Islands, California
Producer: Mike deGruy

Partridge Films: Howard Hall Special

A one-hour program on filmmaker Howard Hall for the BBC
The Channel Islands, California. June 1999
Producer: Paul Reddish


Additional Productions (1995-2000)

The History Channel:Ship Wrecks

The Film Crew, Inc. Southern California Bight

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: Exploration of Astoria Canyon

Partridge Films: Howard Hall Special

Green Umbrella: Animal Minds

BBC: The Planets (several programs)

National Geographic Explorer: El Niño

BBC: The Dive

BBC: Shark Encounters

Television New Zealand: Deep Blue (Host Shoot)

Audubon /Disney: The Secret Life of Bears

Audubon /Disney: The Secret Life of Whales


2009 Nominated: Emmy: Yellowstone (BBC)
2003 Royal Television Society Award Lighting, Photography and Camera -
Multicamera Work: The Abyss (camera)
2002 Nominated: PANDA: The Octopus Show (Nature)
2000 CINE Golden Eagle: Tempest from the Deep
2000 Nominated: Emmy Award: Outstanding Coverage of a Continuing News Story
2001 CINE Golden Eagle: The Octopus Show

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