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The Film Crew, Inc.

Diving Deep (Feature documentary)
February, 2019

Offspring Films, Ltd / Sky TV

Animals at Play
USA, Bahamas / November, 2018

BBC Earth / Ocean X

Brine Pools: Exploring an Alien World, 2018

BBC Earth / Ocean X

The Deepest Dive in Antarctica, 2018

National Geographic Society

American Serengeti – The American Prairie Reserve
Montana / October 2018

National Geographic Explorer

Season 11, Episode 7 - Grizzly Bears
Montana, September 2018

HGTV / Warm Springs Productions

Montana Home
Montana 2018

Green Buzz Media

MPAP (Industrial)
Montana, August 2018

National Geographic Television

Yellowstone Wolf Dynasty: The Pack
Yellowstone National Park / February, 2018

National Political Ads

Senatorial and Congressional races
Multiple candidates / production companies / Parties
Montana, Multiple dates, 2018

Yellow Dot

Groomed (Feature documentary)
Montana unit, 2018

United States Postal Service

Industrial, 2018

BBC Natural History Unit

"Blue Planet II" David Attenborough
Florida, 2017

Adrian Brinkerhoff

Poetry Films
September 2017

ZDF German Television Aspekte

"Tippet Rise"
Montana / August 2017

National Political Ads

Senatorial and Congressional races
Multiple candidates / production companies / Parties
Montana, Multiple dates, 2017

Volkswagen National Commercial, Discovery Studios

for Shark Week
Bimini / March 2017



ICON Films

Shark Week "Great Hammerhead Invasion"
Bimini / February 2017

BBC Natural History Unit / Alucia Productions

"Blue Planet II"
Antarctica, December 2016 - January 2017

BBC Scotland Children's

"My Pet and Me" 5 episodes
Galapagos / November 2016

BBC NHU & PBS Nature

"The Great Yellowstone Thaw"
Yellowstone National Park / February - August 2016

Discovery Channel

Shark Week "The Sharks Among Us"
California, Guadalupe Island & Bahamas, 2016

Farm League

YETI Commercial
Montana, June 2016

Oh for Show

YETI Commercial
Montana, June 2016

Rick Smith Media

Yellowstone / 2016

State Political Campaigns


National Political Campaigns


BBC / Renegade Pictures

"Tony Robinson's Wild West in 3D"
Cody, Wyoming / September 2015

Jansen Pharmaceutical

National Commercial
Polson, Montana / September 2015

Smithsonian Channel / Living Oceans Foundation

"An Ocean Mystery: The Missing Catch"
Newfoundland & Bahamas & Senegal / August 2015

Discovery Channel / Radley Studios

"Shark Week: Oceanic White Tip Sharks"
Cat Island, Bahamas & Hawaii / June 2015

Saucony Shoes / Influence

National Commercial
Montana / May 2015

National Geographic / Halfyard Productions

Anaconda, Montana / December 2014

Harvard University / Racing Horse Productions

"Milk" documentary
Montana / May 2015

CNBC Prime / Bill Kurtis Productions

"American Greed"
Montana / December 2014

University of Wisconsin

"Paul Robbins"
Montana / November 2014

Cargill / Rick Smith Media

Montana / November 2014

Grizzly Creek Films

"Rewind to Fast-Forward" Documentary
Pennsylvania / September 2014

Subaru / Michael Paul Jones

"Mike Kasic's Montana" Commercial
Montana / August 2014


"Human Universe"
Underwater Habitat, Florida / August 2014

Alucia Productions

"Raja Ampat" Mantas and jellyfish lakes
Indonesia, Palau, Raja Ampat / June-July 2014

FP1 Strategies

National Political Campaign
Montana / May 2014

Film Lites

"American Federal" Commercial
Montana / May 2014

Film Lites

"Land Conservation Trust" Commercial
Montana / May 2014

Grizzly Creek Films

National Political Campaign
Montana / April 2014

FP1 Strategies

National Political Campaign
Montana / January 2014

Discovery Channel Shark Week / Icon Films

"Spawn 2" with Paul Walker
Los Angeles, CA / November 2013

FP1 Strategies

National Political Campaign
Montana / November 2013

BBC Scotland

"Nina and the Neurons"
Yellowstone / August 2013

Farm League / Toyota

Toyota Forerunner 2015, Commercial
Wyoming & Idaho / August 2013
Producer: Chris Malloy

Film Lites

Governor's "Main Street"
Helena, MT / June 2013
Producers: J.P. Gabriel

Redrum / Discovery Channel

"Gold Fever"
Various Locations in Montana / April 2013
Producers: Keith Palmer

Passion Pictures / PBS & National Geographic

"Earth in the Age of Man"
Great Bear Rainforest, BC, Canada / March-April 2013
Producers: Matt Dyas

Discovery Channel / Silverback Productions

Fakarava, Polynesia / February-March 2013
Producers: Keith Scholey

BBC Worldwide

"The Power of Nature"
Missoula, Montana / January 2013
Producers: Victoria Webb


"Deadly 60: Pole to Pole"
Yellowstone / January 2013
Producers: Rowan Musgrave

Half Yard Productions / National Geographic Channel

Anaconda, Montana / February 2013
Producers: Tai Davis

Icon Films / Discovery Channel

"Spawn of Jaws"
Guadalupe Island, Mexico / November-December 2012
Producers: Lucy Meadows

Loki Films / CNN

Butte, Montana / October 2012
Producers: Rachel Grady

Film Lites

American Federal Commercial
Bozeman, Montana / October 2012
Producers: J.P. Gabriel

President's Committee on the Arts and Humanities

Turnaround Arts and the Silk Road Ensemble in Lame Deer
Lame Deer, Montana / October 2012
Producers: Rachel Goslins

National Geographic Television

"Deadly 50"
Bozeman / September 2012
Producers: Jennifer Shoemaker

National Geographic Society

"American Prairie"
Bozeman / September 2012
Producers: Meigan Goodyer-Henry

House of Usher / Ram Trucks

"Jealous Dog" - National Commericial
Paradise Valley / August 2012
Producers: Kinka Usher

Political Ads for National Canditates for Governor and Senate

Producers: Various

Grizzly Creek / National Geographic Channel

"Monster Wolf"
Yellowstone / August 2012
Producers: David Hamlin

Humble Bee Films / BBC NHU

Alaska Aleutian Islands / July 2012
Producers: Duncan Chard


"A Tale of Three Bears"
Ely, Minnesota / May 2012
Producers: Ted Oakes

Kinect - National Geographic TV

Microsoft Game Studios
Yellowstone / April 2012
Producers: Tom Winston

BBC Natural History Unit: Planet Earth Live

Wildlife across the world, for BBC 1
Various locations, March-May 2012
OB Producers: Stuart Derrick / Chris Howard

BBC Natural History Unit: The Dark

Series: Three one-hour programs on wildlife at night
Strait of Magellan, Chile, January 2012
Series Producer: Jonny Keeling

BBC Natural History Unit: Expedition Wolf

Series: Three one-hour programs on wolves in North America
Various locations, May 2011 - November 2011
Series Producer: Jonny Keeling

Woodshed Films for Patagonia: Come High or Hell Water

A film about kicking your feet and taking a breath
Various locations, July 2011
Series Producer: Keith Malloy

BBC Science: How the Earth Made Us

The story of our earth
Various locations
Producer: Matt Dyas

Racing Horse Productions for HBO: Code of the West

Medicine in Montana
Various locations, August 2010-May 2011 / 2012
Producer: Rebecca Cohen

Darlowsmithson for Discovery Channel: I Shouldn't Be Alive

Bozeman November 2010
Producer: Kelda Deike

BBC Natural History Unit: Ocean Giants

Series: Three one-hour programs on whales and dolphins of the world
Various locations, February 2010 - September 2010
Series Producer: Mark Brownlow

Darlow Smithson Productions for Animal Planet: Extreme Infestations - Snakes

Snakes infest a house
Idaho, July 2010
Producer: Sid Bennett

VSA Partners: Reagan

Tom Brokaw discusses Ronald Reagan
Montana, August 2010
Producer: Greg Sylvester

Bellevue Entertainment for PBS: Winter in the National Parks

Yellowstone National Park, January 2010
Producer: Miriam Sheldon

Nutopia Ltd for History Channel: America: The History of Us

Bear Attacks, Native Americans, Bison
Montana / South Dakota, October 2009
Producer: Jane Root

Grizzly Creek Films for National Geographic Channel: Expedition Kodiak

Bear goes swimming in city pool
Montana, September 2009
Producer: Tom Winston

Oxford Scientific Films for Animal Planet: Fatal Attractions

Mean Chimpanzees
Montana, August 2009
Producer: Bob Bentley

Metamorph Films: Water Partners

Trout Unlimited Montana, May 2009
Producer: Kathy Kasic

Waitt Institute: The Search for Amelia Earhart

Sixty days at sea with high-tech submersibles searching Amelia Earhart's plane
February-April 2009
Producer: Liz Smith

Swell Pictures Inc: Saving the Elephants

Elephants in Thailand
Thailand, November 2008
Producer: Peck Euwer

Veriscope Pictures for National Geographic: Dinosaurs Decoded

Jack Horner digs up dino bones
September 2008
Producer: Dan Levitt

Sea Studios for National Geographic: Virus

Yellowstone National Park, September 2008
Producer: David Elisco

Grizzly Creek Films for National Geographic Channel: Expedition Grizzly

More bears
Montana, August 2008
Producer: Tom Winston

Pioneer Productions for Discovery Channel: Inside Planet Earth

Geology of the Inner Earth
Wyoming / Yellowstone, August 2008
Producer: Martin Williams

Lightworks Producing Group: Apocalypse How

Yellowstone volcano goes boom
Yellowstone National Park, July 2008
Producer: Jes Lyne deVer

BBC Science/Discovery: Oceans

Series: Eight one hour programs on the oceans with four presenters:
Philippe Cousteau, Paul Rose, Tooni Mahto, and Dr. Lucy Blue
Mediterrean Sea, Sea of Cortez, Arctic Ocean, Altantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Southern Ocean, Red Sea
July 2007-July 2008
Series Producer: Helen Thomas

BBC NHU / Metamorph Films: Yellowstone People: The Fishman

Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout
Montana, August 2008
Producer: Kathy Kasic


The Wolf That Changed America
Yellowstone National Park, October 2007
Producer: Brian Leith

BBC NHU / Discovery: Yellowstone Battle for Life

Three one hour programs on the natural history of yellowstone
Yellowstone National Park, 2007-2008
Series Producer: Andrew Murray

Optomen Productions: Most Evil

Serial Killer
Montana, July 2007

BBC NHU / Discovery: Pacific Abyss

3000 miles of Micronesia underwater.
Micronesia, March-April 2007
Director/Producer: Dale Templar

Darlow Smithson Productions: True Heroes

Bear Attacks
Montana, February 2007
Director: Richard Max

Optomen Productions: Kicking the Habit

Discovery Program with host Tom Friedman. Governor of Montana discusses coal.
Billings, Montana, January 2007
Producer: David Hickman

BBC NHU: Sea Gypsies

Diving with Bajo People of Indonesia
near Sulawesi, Indonesia, December 2006
Producer: Simon Nash

Creative Difference Productions: Best Evidence

Discovery Program on UFOs and mutilated cows in northern Montana
Conrad, Montana, November 2006
Producer: Michael Sheehan

Creative Difference Productions: Supersize

Discovery Program, fossil story: Giant short-faced bear falls in hot spring with mammoths
Rapid City, South Dakota, November 2006
Producer: John Joseph

Tigress Productions: Wild Adventures

For National Geographic Television: more grizzly bears
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, August 2006
Producer: Duncan Chard

Aqua Vita: Living with Wolves

For National Geographic Television: Man lives with wolves
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, August 2006
Producer: Bernard Walton

Tigress Productions: Caught in the Moment

Presenters Tristin Bayer and Vanessa Garnick cowboy it up
Dubois, Wyoming, August 2006
Producer: Kath Moore

BBC Wild: Diving with Dolphins

Presenter Tanya Streeter dives with dolphins
Bahamas, June 2006
Producer: Simon Nash

Tigress Productions: Caught in the Moment

Presenters Tristin Bayer and Vanessa Garnick at Monterey Bay
Monterey Bay, California, May 2006
Producer: Gillian Burke

High Noon Entertainment: Off Beat America

For HG TV: Weird houses
Paradise Valley and Big Sky, Montana, April 2006
Producer: Tyler Young

BBC Wild: Shark Therapy

Presenter Tanya Streeter with sharks
Bahamas, March 2006
Producer: Simon Nash

Creative Difference Productions: Mega Disasters: Volcanos

Discovery Program on the world's largest volcano
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, March 2006
Producer: Bob Wise

Department of Moving Pictures: Time for a New Audience

Bozeman, Montana, March 2006
Producer: Caitlin Pashalek

Metamorph Films: Too Saxy

Commercial for CBS affiliate
Bozeman, Montana, February 2006
Producer: Kathryn Boul

Swell Pictures: The Craving

Obsessed surfers and big waves
California, January 2006
Producer: Peck Euwer

BBC WILD: Wild Maldives

Whale sharks, manta rays, coral reefs, and microlite aircraft
Republic of Maldives, December 2005
Producer: James Honeybourne

Tigress Productions: Jeff Corwin’s Conservation Nation

Presenter Jeff Corwin meets bears, rattlesnakes, eagles and a fox
Montana, August to September 2005
Producer: Clare Dornan

The DMP: Milepost 314

The science of roadkill
Bozeman, Montana September 2005
Producer: Anne Devereux

BBC NHU: Mother of All Sharks

Discovery Shark Week program
Mexico, UK, South Africa, April to September 2005
Producer: Lizzie Bewick

BBC NHU: Diving With Whales

Presenter Tanya Streeter dives with humpback whales; 2 x 30 min.
Silver Bank, Caribbean, March to April 2005
Producer: James Honeybourne
Nominated for BAFTA Award (British Academy Award)

Kavitch-Reynolds Productions: Yamaha 2006

Loud snowmobiles (commercial)
Cooke City, Montana, December 2005
Producer: Rob Meltzer

Discovery Channel / Creative Differences: Extreme Survival

Plane crash survivor story
Sierra Nevada, California, November 2004
Producer: Bob Wise

BBC NHU: Amazon Abyss

Amazon river above and below, 5 X 30 minutes
Brazil, October to November 2004
Producer: Andy Byatt

Cineville: Steal Me

Sundance official selection feature film
Montana, July to August 2004
Director: Melissa Painter

BBC ARTS: Imagine: Children’s Literature

Child Sci-Fi author
Pray, Montana, May 2004
Producer: Ben McPherson

Discovery Channel: Shark Week: Size Matters

Sharks and more sharks
Australia and Tahiti, April 2004
Producer: Andy Byatt

Swell Pictures: The Big Swell

The science and sound of giant surf
Various locations: 2004
Producer: Peck Euwer

BBC NHU: Journey of Life

Evolution with presenter Steve Leonard
Cayman and Bahamas, December 2003
Producer: James Honeyborne

Discovery Channel: Shark Week:Dive to Shark Volcano

And…more sharks
Cocos Island, Costa Rica, June 2003
Producer: Simon Nash

BBCI: The Abyss

Monterey, California, October 2003
Producer: Melanie Jappy

BBC NHU: Return to the Abyss (Live)

Sound from the Abyss / MIR submersible at 8500 feet
9 degrees North, Pacific Ocean
July, September 2003
Producer: Simon Nash

BBC Science: Into The Blue

The Bermuda Triangle explained
Bahamas and Florida, May, July 2003
Producer: Will Aslet

Flashback TV: Super Homes

Extravagant Western Mountain Homes
Jackson Hole Wyoming, May 2003
Producer: Sarah Feltes

Firelight Films: The Last Stronghold, Miles City Bucking Horse Sale

Rodeo bucking horses, sore cowboys
Miles City, Montana, May 2003
Producer: Ian Kellet

BBC: The Abyss Live

Sound from 8000 feet deep.
Mid-Atlantic ridge, June to October 2002
Producer: Simon Nash

BBC NHU: Extreme Animals: Cold

Presenter speaking underwater using unique helmet
Vancouver Island, Canada, January 2002
Producer: Martin Hughes-Games

BBC NHU: The Natural World: Whooping Cranes

Sound from an ultralite aircraft: Whooping Crane reintroduction
Various locations, October to December 2001
Producer: Jo Sarsby

WNET Nature / Thirteen: The Octopus Show

Presenter Mike deGruy in a submersible
Canada, Hawaii, Australia, and Indonesia.
Producers: Peck Euwer / Mike deGruy

BBC NHU: Extreme Animals: Low Life

More underwater pieces to camera / Presenter: Steve Leonard
Sea of Cortez, September 2001
Producer: Jo Sarsby

BBC NHU: The Mammals

David Attenborough with blue whales
Farallon Islands, California, October 2000
Producer: Neil Lucas

Intrepid Films: Whale Songs

Killer whales strand feeding
Patagonia, Argentina March/April 2001
Producer: Tony Miller

BBC NHU: The Blue Planet: Making Waves

The making of The Blue Planet
Location: Various, October 2000
Producer: John Ruthven

National Geographic Television: The Running of the Sheep

Explorer News Piece
Reedpoint, Montana September 2001
Producer: Cara Biega

BBC NHU: The Blue Planet: The Deep

A one-hour program on the abyss
Gulf of Mexico, 3000 feet underwater. September 2000
Producer: Alistair Fothergill

National Geographic Television: Tempest from the Deep

The effect of el Niño on the Channel Islands
Nominated for an Emmy award.
The Channel Islands, California
Producer: Mike deGruy

Partridge Films: Howard Hall Special

A one-hour program on filmmaker Howard Hall for the BBC
The Channel Islands, California. June 1999
Producer: Paul Reddish


Additional Productions (1995-2000)

The History Channel:Ship Wrecks

The Film Crew, Inc. Southern California Bight

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: Exploration of Astoria Canyon

Partridge Films: Howard Hall Special

Green Umbrella: Animal Minds

BBC: The Planets (several programs)

National Geographic Explorer: El Niño

BBC: The Dive

BBC: Shark Encounters

Television New Zealand: Deep Blue (Host Shoot)

Audubon /Disney: The Secret Life of Bears

Audubon /Disney: The Secret Life of Whales


2009 Nominated: Emmy: Yellowstone (BBC)
2003 Royal Television Society Award Lighting, Photography and Camera -
Multicamera Work: The Abyss (camera)
2002 Nominated: PANDA: The Octopus Show (Nature)
2000 CINE Golden Eagle: Tempest from the Deep
2000 Nominated: Emmy Award: Outstanding Coverage of a Continuing News Story
2001 CINE Golden Eagle: The Octopus Show

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